Z O M B I E Bitcoin Cash Simple Ledger Protocol Token
No bullshit. Just ZOMBIE !
ZOMBIE SLP NFT Faucet Season 1 (is over): - 2300 ZOMBIE NFTs - 200 random ZOMBIE characters (token names) - 25 random ZOMBIE hordes (each horde has it’s own token icon) Season 2 (is over): - another 2300 ZOMBIE NFTs - 50 random ZOMBIE hordes (token icons) - simple icons animation in a web browser - 250 random ZOMBIE characters (token names) Collect ZOMBIE NFTs „Zombies can regroup, join other tribes or create a new horde, but ... hunger will never go away"
This is not an ivestment advice or recommendation. Use it at your own risk. Blame zombies if s...t happens There is no guarantee that icons will be permanently visible or animated everywhere Please note that when trading NFTs, you buy/sell tokens, not images attached to tokens Zombie icons (images) are copyright-free (a few background images are from Unsplash or other apps, but modified)
ZOMBIE SLP Token Type-1 1 billion zombies
ZOMBIE NFT1-Group Token A mineable (proof-of-work) SLP Non-Fungible Token
No whitepaper, blackpaper or toilet paper Zombies don’t need this s...t!
... and yes - this is satire, but there are real „zombies” in real life ;-)
You may have heard of Kashee substance, which opened the door to parallel world. You may have heard of Decibelum - The Artificial Intelligence Society, which came out of the parallel world. It wasn't just one being that appeared in the human world... There was something else. People called it zombies. They were not a virus. They were unknown creatures (some looked like zombies from movies). At first they were quite funny. People made fun of them and gave them funny names. Later, people realized that they are intelligent and create hordes. Hordes were led by two creatures: Zombie King and Zombie Queen (this is what they were called), who were influenced by Decibelum. People identified 50 hordes and marked them: Z-1 - Z-50 and then it was too late ... The Book of Maze - Interactive, improvised story that utilizes SLP tokens - coming in 2021
Simple Zombie Protocol
Created by B_S_Z